Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Zags...

We are thrilled you made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Seriously. But do you think you can win just one more game? We aren't quite ready for the season to end just yet. That and you can't ever seem to win even one game in the tournament, so now that you've done two, how about just one more? And no crazy shots please, Pargo. We like you and all, but you're kinda overrated. No offense. Give Bouldin the ball, and we'll all be happy. Unless, of course, you can make that crazy three-pointer you're gonna try. Then go ahead and take it. Just not too many of them. And then we'll all be happy...

From: Your Biggest Fans
P.S. Yes, our child's shirt does say, "Start 'em young, raise 'em right." with a GU emblem on it. His little sister already has a bulldogs shirt waiting for her in the closet... ;o)


rachEL March 27, 2009 at 4:27 PM  

Oh Holly.
I love you.
I don't even know why this made me laugh.
Probably because you're the last person i would have expected to write it. Hahaha

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