Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At our appointment yesterday we had great news, and not so great news! The good news is that I am already almost 3cm dilated and 85% effaced! We are well on our way to having our baby girl here soon, and my doctor doesn't think I will last much longer.
The not so great news is that in our ultrasound last week, the doctor found a cyst above baby's bladder. The news was rather daunting to take when we were told that they have never seen something like this before, and aren't sure what to make of it. Our doctor met with her partners, a pediatric specialist and OBGYN specialist last week and all seem rather stumped at what to do. SO, we jointly decided that since I am so far along, and since it would be a huge issue to try any kind of surgery, we will wait until baby is born...after which there will be ultrasounds on her to see what the cyst could be. It was not there at her 20 week ultrasound, and is rather large for a baby her age so we know it has grown that much in 16 weeks. The doctors do not believe, however, that it will grow at such an alarming rate in the next few weeks, that I would need a c-section, which is such a blessing to hear! Thus, their happiness at me being as far dilated as I am, this early. Right now, we consider ourselves so blessed to have another otherwise healthy baby, who will be here before to long! We are hopeful that the delivery will go well, and that no other problems will be seen so that we can snuggle with our baby and enjoy her before ultrasounds etc start. Finally, we are praying, and very hopeful, that the cyst dissipates before she is born or will soon after she is born.
God is good and we are blessed with an amazing and supportive doctor and network of doctors. Though it is extremely daunting to us that they have never seen this exact problem in a un-born baby before, it is a blessing to have so many of them looking at the ultrasound, and offering encouragement.
Can't wait to meet our baby!


phillipsgirl May 4, 2009 at 4:06 AM  

I'll be praying for your baby!

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