Monday, December 22, 2008


Seattle was fun but very very icy. With 4 inches of snow their roads are as bad as ours simply because no one ever plows and hardly anyone can figure out how to drive on ice and snow because they never get it. We were at the top of one road when this happened and are very glad that no one was seriously injured. Yikes. I wished we had found our camera in time to show how steep the road was they went down. Nearly vertical! Also special was having Snoqualmie Pass get shut down and having to take the long (Steven's Pass) way around. Ugh. It should never take 8 hours to drive from Seattle to Spokane. But, we are safe and happy to be home!
The game was awesome! I didn't realize how much I've gotten into the Zags until I realized I was yelling louder then Nathan during the game. :) Neither of us could talk that evening, but we loved it nonetheless! :)
Landon did awesome with both sets of grandparents and everyone had fun with him. Our house, however, was not so much fun, since we came home to frozen water pipes. About 24 hours later they are finally unfrozen, thanks to an awesome husband and two dad's that came over to look at things.

Now, for your viewing pleasure...Landon received a badly needed haircut today...here he is giving Grandma some awesome lip action, telling her how mean mommy is...

My 18 week, ridiculously tiny belly. Can this even be considered a belly? Nathan says I look like an anorexic who ate a bit more then normal :) The dr. however says that baby is just hiding (and that I am skinny) and that soon, I will pop. Ha! :)

Finally, this one speaks for itself. :)

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