Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Please keep the Grove Family in your prayers and thoughts. The Groves go to Westgate Christian Church and recently had their 12th child. Naomi Emma is 16 days old and was born with Trisomy 13. (Down's Syndrome is Trisomy 24, the lower the number, the worse for the child.) Of those born with Trisomy 13, 44% die within 1 month, 70% die within 6 months, and only 1 person has ever lived to be 33 years old. Though Naomi has numerous other problems, she was brought home to be with her family...however, Naomi has started having apnea spells, which means she stops breathing unless the family revives her...and they are asking for prayers are they are unsure how long and how far they should go to revive her. I have posted a link to the website below, please visit and say a prayer for this entire family.
Visit Naomi Emma


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